Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reincarnation Experiences In Childhood #1

This is an interesting experience discussed on the forums at Etsy and a similar bit from an on line report.There will be another in the next post.
Today angelacatirina will be featured.The work in the video is from one of her stores.Isn't it great.At this store she says"

"All of our patterns have detailed, step by step instructions and full color photos. Whether you are new to crochet or an old pro - you'll find these easy to follow and fun to make.
all of our designs and photos are protected under international copyrights. We never mind if people make our patterns to sell so long as they are selling the items they actually make themselves on an individual, informal basis and not attached to any sort of mass production, business, or manufacturing. We have granted permission to some Etsy sellers who work this way.

TRADE EXCHANGE: We are always happy to consider offers of trade exchange. Items we often look for: vintage sewing patterns, candles, soaps, bath and body products. We're always open to suggestions. We can't say yes to everything but it's great fun when it works. ***We always trade $ for $ + shipping - any difference paid with PayPal." The store may be found at
About herself and her mother/co partner she tells us:
"We launched the business Catirina Bonet Designs as sculptors and artists in 1990. Myself, Angela Catirina and my mother, Bonnie (hence, Bonet) joined creative forces perhaps many years before. Professionally and under the Catirina Bonet label, the very first pieces we did that found public and media aclaim were the Catirina Bonet Hand Sculpted Santa Clauses sold in art galleries and high end gift shops throughout the United States. They were featured right away in "The Collector's Art Guide", a prominent Santa Fe, New Mexico art publication. At the age of 19, I was the youngest artist that had ever been featured in the publication at that time. The santa's were historically accurate and designed to reflect heritage from nine countires throughout the world. Because of the historical research involved in creating the line, they were also picked up by the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in Canyon, Texas - one of the country's preeminent museums of history.
From 1992-1995 we traveled almost every single day - or so it seemed, across most of the United States. Meeting store owners from town to town and selling our creations along the way. Fun? Yes. Exhausting? Utterly. Sewing by night, selling by day - this was truly a grass roots effort. You may have stumbled upon our designs in probably the quaintest of shops along our way and not ever know of us. We were so consumed with our product line at that time that we had not developed a label and most of these items were sold without the purchaser having any idea of who we might have been. Perhaps the shop owner mentioned the "mother and daughter" that came through with these irresistable creations. Piegon Forge, TN * Williamsburg, VA * Texas Hill Country * Blue Ridge Mountains * Midwest * Pennsylvania Amish country during apple picking season * Denver * and just about everywhere else. We were there."
Also, she says in going back to their roots of persuing the American Handmade life,they now live and work in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. For more info:

Here is the story in her own words:

When I was three years old I used to point my finger in my mothers face and say, "Do you remember when I was YOUR mother?" Yes, I definitely believe in reincarnation.

This is similar to one posted on line .this tiny boy said to his mother;"I liked my OTHER mother lots better than you."

Although all children may have felt these emotions at some time.These seem to be highly suggestive of reincarnation experiences.


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