Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mysterious Stonehedge .A New Theory

The ancient standing stones of Stonehedge have been a pondered site for centuries.Who built it and why? How did they do it? Many theories have been developed.Almost all agree that the Druids used the site in ancient times.Many say it was there long before.It is still a subject of debate.
The Smithstonian in the October,2008 issue has an interesting article about a new theory considered.(Pages 38-46)
Two archeologists completing the first dig there in 44 years.Darville and Wainwright, think it might have been a site for healing.They also think the smaller bluestone rather than the towering trilithons may hold the key.If you are interested in this largest site in the world you might want to see this article.

One thing that was of interest to me other than their findings was the respectful way the 2 week dig was handled including not only filling back in where they worked but beginning and ending the dig with a ceremony conducted by eight druids in dress and a single drum....interesting,

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