Friday, May 2, 2008

An Added Experience In Palm Reading

I overlooked a very interesting post on the forum and did not have it for the video.But wanted you to "hear" this also.This is from gothicreations at Etsy.There are a variety of lovely things in her shop.Here is the link and the pictures show 2 of my favorites.
In her own words
gothicreations says:
"I had my palm read back in September. All I told her was my name and birth date. I didn't say anything else to her. She said that I would be successful in my chosen career which she saw as something creative and involved drawing. I just got my degree in interior design. She said that I have often been treading water financially but I will start making more money due to effort I was currently doing. She also talked to me my dating life. She was right on traget with that one.
It was very interesting. I did it for fun. I would probably do it again just because it was fun."

For those of you interested there is a rather interesting video about Palmistry and Astrology on You Tube


Gallery Juana said...

I missed this thread on etsy so thanks for writing about it in your blog.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

I appreciate your coming by galleryjuana.Thank you for commenting also.

The Nature Nut said...

Palm reading is so interesting - that video was really informative. 30 years ago I had visited a fortune teller. Everything he told me would happen has happened. It's spooky. Makes me wonder if it would have happened anyways, or if I made it happen because I expected it to happen.

Does that make any sense?