Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ellenray Has A Ghost Story

The talented ellenray from has some incredible art work in her may wish to visit to see more of her work.Some is in the video.Not only talented in art,she loves all crafts.

She says, I have 3 sons, two of whom are grown. Hubby is the 5th generation owner of a lumber yard in Wabash, Indiana. I work at the business in the office. I like ANY craft or art project from photography to crocheting, painting to candlemaking, basketweaving to papermaking. I like flower gardening, shopping, music, and hate cooking- but have to do it anyway.

Here is a story she shared with us in a forum recently.In her own words.

"I have lived in very old houses my whole married life. In the first one (built 1886)I would hear footsteps on the stairs (even in the day) and have objects move like a chair rocking, doors shutting, and things put in one place and found another.

The house we're in now (built 1876) has had nothing like that happen. Why in one, and not the other."

When I was single I lived in a house built in the 1940s that had strange things happen in it. After I moved out, a babysitter for my kids lived there, and one day she asked me if I ever thought it was haunted when I lived there. Her mom wanted her to ask me.
They were having issues along that line, also. Spooky!"

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