Friday, May 9, 2008

Therapeutic Touch The Process

There are many scientific skeptics about the basic philosophy and effectiveness of Therapeutic Touch.That generally does not include the persons who have felt much better after it is used.As mentioned before, there are many persons in health care who use the process today.
There are approved training programs and procedures for educating those interested.A 12 hour basic workshop is the first part.The web site and the International Association have lists of approved programs.

Research of Krieger-Kunz Therapeutic Touch finds that Therapeutic Touch reduces anxiety, regulates and supports the immune function, alters the perception of pain, and encourages general healing.[citation needed] In a study conducted by Dolores Krieger in 1975 the effect of Therapeutic Touch on hemoglobin levels was examined.

Practitioners of Krieger-Kunz Therapeutic Touch trained nurses to offer this service to patients as part of general nursing care. The control group received the nursing care without Therapeutic Touch. The author of the study found that TT increased hemoglobin in only three patients. A 2004 study examined the effects of Therapeutic Touch on dementia. The findings of this study suggest that Therapeutic Touch decreases the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

The steps of the process include:

Centering - bringing the body, mind, emotion to a quiet, focused state of consciousness. Centering is using the breath, imagery, meditation and/or visualizations to open one's self to find an inner-sense of equilibrium to connect with the inner core of wholeness and stillness.

Assessing - holding the hands 2 to 6 inches away from the individual's energy field while moving the hands from the head to the feet in a rhythmical, symmetrical manner. Sensory cues such as warmth, coolness, static, blockage, pulling, tingling are described by some practitioners.

Intervention- Clearing also called unruffling - facilitating the symmetrical flow of energy through the field. Unruffling is achieved by using hand movements from the midline while continuing to move in a rhythmical and symmetrical manner from the head to the feet. Balancing, Rebalancing - projecting, directing and modulating energy based on the nature of the living field; assisting to re-establish the order in the system. Treatment is accomplished by moving the hands to the areas that seem to need attention - energy may be transferred where there is a deficit or energy may be mobilized or repatterned from areas of congestion.

Evaluation/Closure - finishing the treatment - using professional, informed and intuitive judgment to determine when to end the session. Reassessing the field continuously during the treatment to determine balance and eliciting feedback from the individual are cues as to when to end the TT treatment.

The aura photographs in the You Tube Video below shows the process.

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