Monday, May 19, 2008

Thoughts About 2012 ?

I was looking up some information and checking out some History Channel and Religious thoughts about The End Days.I had read the Left Behind series.of course,I have begun to seriously wonder especially after the horrible Cyclone and Eath quake recently if it might be so.I pui this on a forum:
You probably have heard various theories about these being the End Days because of all the weather changes, the horrible earthquakes and storms...from Revelations in the Bible to changes in the earth orbit to the Ancient Mayan Calender that says that 2012 will be the end.What are your thoughts?

Here are some of the replies in their own words but without names..
"DH is convinced the Mayans had it right..."

""I think it'll be a barmy year, with some nice surfing weather!"

"Makes any long term decisions kind of moot doesn't it?"

"Damn it, as though making a new mold tomorrow and the rash on my son's neck from new clothes wasn't enough to worry about.
Where's my g*d dam* chamomile tea anyway."

You know, the Mayans used to tie two boards on each side of their head to give it a cone shape. I don't think they're the people we should listen too."

you made me lol, for real."

"It's just another year to me. I try to stay away from doom and gloom. Live life as it comes. If it *is* the "end", oh well. At least I know I had a great life and my kids did as well while it lasted. =)"

"my fiance is also convinced the world is ending in 2012. If it does it's ok with me, as long as I forget and I'm not expecting it."

"Yeah and how many people thought thats what would happen in the yr. 2000? And yet here I am."

So where are you with the ideas?

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