Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bermuda Triangle Of The Pacific

You have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, of course.Charles Berlitz brought it to the public's attention several decades ago.The initial focus is on the disapperance of Flight 19, the group of 5 planes on a training mission which disappeared without a trace shortly after World War 11 .This was followed by the search plane that also went missing.(If you have not, there are several videos on You Tube about it.)

The many theories about all the mysterious disappearences are varied and still being studied.There is the electronic,magnetic and UFO considerations.Last week a very interesting possibility of large bursts of methane gas producing huge bubbles was presented.

Any way there is a similar feature in the Pacific Ocean near Japan called "The Devil's Triangle". I was going to post this with its' title above from the History Channel but could not get it here.The parts run from 8 to 9 minutes each.If you are interested here are the links.I think the first is good enough for an introduction..