Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Ghost Who Rides A Motorcycle

Near where I live near the downtown area of the Capital City there was a motorcycle werck about three years ago.Around 2 AM,a cyclist hit a car and was instantly killed.The loud noise carried the two blocks and several people in my building heard it.One man said he walked down and saw the crash site just as the ambulance arrived.No one in the car was injured.
A sad situation.
In this state it is not uncommon for family or friends to leave flowers or other tributes at the site of a tragedy such as rhis one.There were many flowers on that corner as the days went by.Even more than usual we thought.Even today there is a boquet there at the corner.

About two months after the accident,some men who were outside smoking and talking heard a motorcycle and then a loud crash.They walked down in sight of the spot but saw nothing.Thos happened several times on and off throughout the summer.As winter approached the crash sounds seemed to diminish but the motorcycle sounds continurd.Not long after, a man walking in the vicinity saw a motorcycle and it dissapeared at the crash site.There was no sound beyond that point.Several people now report going down there and wittness the lone cyclist appear then disappear.He is considered to be the Ghost who rides again to his death.


Patty said...

That is sort of creepy. It sounds like a residue haunting to me. Whee the same thing keeps happening. Let us know if it continues.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks Patty.It has been about once a month for over a year now.