Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Jewelry Box

This is a story that was told to me last year.
The Jewelry Box

Another incident happened about 6 years ago. I lived in a three bedroom house with my two daughters and son in law.

My son in-law (Cranston) who worked at a moving company, he worked the night shift.

Well, he brought home this old jewelry box which contained 3 pieces of cheap earrings. On the front of the box had a picture of a girl in the colonial days. It was painted on the box.

Well, what Cranston failed to tell us, 'til later, was that, some of his coworkers had also brought home the box to their families and then brought it back to work, without saying why.

Anyway, he brought it home to give my daughter, Tanya, thinking maybe she may want it. She said she felt uneasy whenever she was near the box. And felt really strange when she first laid eyes on it. So one day she decided to ask me if I wanted the jewelry box. I told her no, since she herself, felt right out uncomfortable with it. So she put it on the shoe shelf located near the back door.

As the weeks went by, Cranston mentioned to a Hawaiian coworker, about the box. And how we, his family, didn't feel good about keeping it, or even having it in the house. His friend advised him to burn the box, because, we weren't the only ones, that felt strange about the box.

It was about 10:30 PM when he and his friend were discussing about how to burn the box. Strangely about 10:30 PM, Cranston actually punched out from work, and already had plans to destroy the box.

Meanwhile, back at our house. I was getting ready for bed. Duane ( my boyfriend) and I had just gone under the covers. My two daughters and a friend were in the dining room they were playing Scrabble. Now the Dining room is located right by the back door.

At approximately 10:30 PM my daughters noticed that the dining room became very extra quiet. So quiet, that they recall, they could have heard a pin drop. That the air in the dining room became very still and very silent.

At about the same time. Duane and I heard this loud, bloodcurdling, scream. It was from a girl, who. we didn't know, but it was loud and at first she screamed with horror and then moaned and wept. We sat up in bed and looked at each other, that very moment we knew we both heard her, I panicked, I thought it was my daughter Tanya, thinking that Cranston and her were fighting, I asked Duane to check on her, in the meantime, I sat up in bed, thinking, oh my goodness, what will the neighbors say, being it was so late at night.

Duane must have been gone for only one minute or so, he returned to the room calmly, I took one look at him and asked, what happened. He looked stunned. Said nothing is wrong. Not agreeing with him, I said you must be joking. I then ran to the dining room, to check it out myself. My kids were quiet, they looked up at me and I was furious. I asked them, if they heard that girl scream.
They all said no, that there was no noise, at all. I looked at them with disbelief. The cry of this girl was so loud and horrible. She sounded so much in pain. No one but Duane and I heard her. I stood in the dining room with my kids and their friend. I couldn't believe it. There's got to be an explanation. But there wasn't.

I returned back to my room, where Duane was waiting up for me. We both didn't say a thing. We were both in shock.

The next morning. We all sat around the dining room, trying to make sense of the night before.

We then realize that at the precise time 10:30 PM, it was then decided on how Cranston was going to destroy the jewelry box. It was 10:30 PM, the precise time, that my daughters recall how still the air was in the dining room, how quiet, it was. And it was the precise time , 10:30 PM, that Duane and I both heard that bloodcurdling scream and the moaning and weeping that followed.

The box took almost 3 hours to burn. Cranston used a small torch.

To this day, I have no explanation.


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Ok that is really freaky and now I am scared! :) That is the reason why I refuse to buy any antiques. I am always afraid someone before me will like them more than I do and come back after them!

BlossomingTree said...

My goodness! That would have scared the life out of me. (I just love your stories LOL)

Patty said...

I've often heard that old things are sometimes haunted. I just hope I don't bring home any.
Great story!

Mei said...

Interesting but scary. Hubby is someone always against me bringing home old things.....most likely for the same reason. Now! I am scared.
Hi, I am Mei. I stumbled upon your blog and like your blog.