Friday, July 24, 2009

Aliens Or Altered Consciousness?

Researcher and author Graham Hancock discussed how humanity received a jump start some 40,000 years ago, when our ancestors took psychoactive plants and had contacts with non-terrestrial beings who served as teachers.

Their visions and encounters were depicted on cave paintings, he said. The Amazonian hallucinogenic brew known as ayahuasca is being used today, and its active ingredient DMT, is naturally made in the human pineal gland. People who have spontaneous visions may produce higher levels of this chemical in their bodies, he noted,

Quote of the Day
"In the Amazon, they believe that a particular entity lies behind the ayahuasca vine, and this entity is envisaged sometimes as a majestic human woman, and sometimes in the form of a gigantic serpent, a boa constrictor or anaconda type of serpent. And I, under under the influence of ayahuasca, have met this being...we always speak of her in the female do have a direct spiritual contact with a being who loves the Earth, and who loves human beings and who comes to us with a feeling of love..." --Graham Hancock

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Hearttohearts said...

I love the subject of aliens and UFO's (I'm a trekkie of course)

but I don't believe that people are getting abducted and experimented on and such