Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stumped The Investigator

Recently,documentary producer Bill Murphy, shared details from his various paranormal investigations. Murphy recalled visiting a house in Leesville, Louisiana, where strange occurrences baffled a local paranormal research team.

"The land the house sat upon, as well as the home itself, would vibrate inexplicably, Murphy explained. The area was neither by railroad tracks nor prone to earthquakes, he added. Murphy said the unexplainable vibrations eventually manifested into poltergeist activity, which he was able to record."

But what about the house? And the people living in it?


Lexa Levine said...

Paranormal investigations are generally interesting. Except when it's a hoax.

Justine said...

I've always believed that certain people are more sensitive than others to the paranormal and sort of draw activity to them. Razing the house wouldn't help, or at least I don't believe it would, but if someone that's not sensitive moved in, it would probably calm down. Or there's always exorcisms but I don't think those actually work unless everyone believes it will work, including whatever or whomever it is that needs to be exorcised.