Friday, July 17, 2009

Psychic Vampires

A synopsis of a recent Coast To Coast AM radio program about featured guest was titled "Hauntings & Vampires"It said:

"... author & lecturer Michelle Belanger discussed her most recent work with hauntings, as well as the realm of spirits and dark forces. She also spoke about her life as a psychic vampire, and the vampire community in general. Many people experiment with the Ouija Board but often conjure up negative entities because they are seeking to be scared, she noted. Concerning such encounters, she cited the old axiom "do not call up that which you can't put down," and said people should know how to protect themselves, as well as be able to "close the door" on spirits they want to leave. This can be done through mental intent, such as visualizing the sealing of a door, she explained. Ghost hunters should also protect themselves and be aware that spirits can sometimes follow them home, she added.,,"

... She described her process as a psychic vampire and how she takes excess energy from a consensual partner. The vampire community in America numbers in the tens of thousands, and includes people such as herself, as well as those who drink blood, she reported."

It made me think more about Psychic Vampires.The kind who did NOT ask for permission to drain your energy.

The illustration used Black Roses and Rivets Bridal Veil with Singed Flowers by
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Wikipedia uses the tern Energy Vampires
"An energy vampire or psychic vampire is a being or person who is said to have the ability to feed off the "life force" of other living creatures.

Alternative terms for these entities are pranic vampire, empathic vampire, energy predator (see below), psy/psi-vamp, energy parasite, energivore or psionic vampire. Alternate terms for "life force" include qi, prana, energy, or vitality.

The theme of the psychic vampire has been a focus within modern vampire subculture. The way that the subculture has manipulated the image of the psychic vampire has been investigated by researchers such as Mark Benecke[4] and A. Asbjorn Jon.[5] Jon has noted that, like the traditional psychic vampires, those of vampire subculture believe that they 'prey upon life-force or 'pranic' energy'.[5] Jon also noted that the group has been loosely linked to the Goth subculture.,,,

Active vampirism within the vampire subculture includes both blood consumption,[3] which is commonly referred to as sanguinarian vampirism, and psychic vampirism, through which the practitioners believe they are drawing spiritual nourishment from auric or pranic energy.[4"

There also is a site The Psychic Vampire Resource And Support Pages Saying"

This site is dedicated to the mysteries and Education of Psychic Vampirism. The Vampire Community is a diverse lot, with many different beliefs and belief systems. While this Site does not promote any one doctrine, the best efforts are made and maintained in order to represent them all equally. This site, written by Psychic Vampires; is dedicated to all other real Psychic Vampires from the newly awakened, to the seasoned Elders of the Vampire Community. This site is also meant to inform the public, and to dispell certain myths about Vampires.

An interesting questionaire Are You A Psychic Vampire?

Also here is one about protecting yourself.


The Empty Envelope said...

Very interesting. I know I've been around people that I think are. They are too intense for me, almost the opposite of someone with autism.

My score:
You answered 5 items out of 20 Yes.

Your score is 25%. You seem to be pretty balanced energetically, continue to pay attention in keeping your energetic boundaries in place.

Did you know there's a political party? Vampyres, Witches and Pagans Party. We had a guy here in MN (Jonathan Sharkey, 'The Impaler') who ran for governor back in 06. He was going to run for President last year, but ended up in prison even before the governor race was over.

Anonymous said...

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