Monday, July 13, 2009

A Medium And A Man In A Coma

As many of you know,I grew up in the mountains of North Georgia.Imagine my surprised delight when watching "Psychic Investigators" That a psychic featured was from as is said "from my neck of the woods"I went on line to check her out and found this interesting experience described:

"In March , 2006, Sharon received a call out of the blue from a woman in another country. She didn't usually watch psychic programs, but Sharon's Court TV feature happened to be on when she was walking by the set, and something made her stop to pay attention. Her family was desperate, so she called a psychic for the first time. Could she please help someone in a coma? Their family member was seriously injured. The doctors gave no hope and were about ready to take the person off life support. Sharon had been a medium many times very successfully with deceased loved ones, never for a person in a coma before. Let alone long distance by phone to a foreign country. She agreed to try. When she tunes in to a sick person, or a missing person, or someone who wants information or life counseling, she "catches visions": pictures, or words, impressions, objects, sometimes a "movie" surrounding that person or the events.

Says Sharon, "He told me he was still in the process of deciding whether to go or stay and could his family please give him some time to make up his mind? Tell them not to worry, I'm not in pain because I'm not in my body. I'm with them when they are at home." The family was incredibly comforted.

In a few days, Sharon received the message, "Tell them I'll be waking up in 7-9 days." To the absolute incredulity of the doctors, he woke up on 9 days! In a few more days, he was walking with assistance and beginning to communicate. They are calling it a miracle. The family is so thankful to Sharon and her abilities that allowed them to have insights into the mind of their beloved in a coma."

While this is a serious subject.I could not resist using the illustration of tofunkytown
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cabin + cub said...

Oooh.. that is amazing! I love hearing miracle stories like that. ;)

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Grace said...

Absolutely amazing story!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks to both of you.I did visit Cabin and like your work.generally do not enter giveaways though..
Grace glad you liked it.