Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Hunch Backed Man

This is a recent story of an unexpected visit by M in her own words:
"I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My experience happened in February, 2009. I have two dogs and I have to go out in the backyard with them while they go potty so my big dog doesn't jump the fence. I am not sure if I was out with the dogs or not, but I was out in my backyard. My backyard is about 1,500 feet from the alley and then my neighbor's garage. I have a small shed in the back of my yard.

I happened to look by my shed and see this old man hunched over, walking in the alley toward my shed. When he got close to the shed, he moved really fast. He never came out from there it... was like he disappeared.

I did see what he was wearing: a red hat, greenish gray vest, plaid shirt of the same color and pants of the same color, almost maybe black and gray other than his hat. I did know that at one time the neighbor behind us said that her grandpa built her house. So it got me wondering if this man was her grandpa.

I called her about two weeks later, after telling my husband and parents. I didn't want to sound like a weirdo. So I called her and asked her what he looked like. The first words out of her mouth were, "Well, he was hunchedbacked... you wouldn't miss that...."

I just about dropped the phone! Later, about another week after the phone call, my two daughters and I went to the neighbor's house for a visit and we brought up the fact that I might have seen her grandpa. We were kind of laughing when all of a sudden we heard three knocks on the inside of a door that she said was her bedroom. I'm not sure if it was her grandpa because I have never seen or even had a description of him until I had seen the hunched-over man in my alley. I still haven't seen a picture of him, but I am interested in seeing one.

I believe and have had numerous experiences in the last three years of unexplainable things. It isn't too scary for me as I tell myself that they too were alive and they are people just like me."

Thank you for telling us of your experience.
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Justine said...

Creepy! Not scary creepy, but Wow goosebumps!