Friday, July 3, 2009

Nancy's Enchanted Tree

In the South we often had our own "Crying Tree" or a "Courting Tree" was not uncommon.Just yesterday I found a post about an especially interesting tree: An enchanted tree.

"'Ent' the Magnolia Tree

This pic was taken on June 22, 2009. This Magnolia Tree [in Arlington, Tx] is probably 150+yrs old; if you look at it closely, it seems that there is a small man dressed similar to a jockey coming out of the center of the tree. I've visited this tree many times and feel it is Enchanted, hence, I call this tree an Ent."



lostsentiments said...

I love trees - this one definitely has character! :) I love it! ;) so many knots! :) waht a piece of art! :) Just lovely!

Teresa Silverthorn said...

Awesome, but I don't see the jockey :(