Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TERIREESWANG Has An Experience

An exceptionally talented artist with featured work in the video tells of an experience:

"Every year my German girlfriend host a Birthday party for herself, at her house. We all gather round once a year.

Every year, the photos turn out funny....

Last time as she said "Cheese" and posed with her cake, she had two rows of faces, the ones that were there physically, and another that blurred those faces out and highlighted their own. Some were tall, some not, one had braids with red hair ties. But, all thought they were the only ones there!"

Thank you.Visit http://TERIREESWANG.etsy.com

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Trip Out!

...nearly a whole year later, and I only now found this out..?! Score!!!

Thank you kindly, for including me.

This is Ramona:

The birthday girl in my story.